Tom Rosshirt

Tom Rosshirt is a distinguished writer, thinker, and communications strategist. He served as a national security speechwriter for President Clinton, was foreign affairs spokesperson for Vice President Gore.  He has written a nationally syndicated opinion column and was a founding partner of West Wing Writers, one of the world’s leading writing and strategic communications firms.  Tom has advised heads of state and served as a writer and strategic advisor to leaders in philanthropy, government, business and academia – working across a range of issues from education to nuclear weapons to poverty and global health. 

Since 2008, Tom has done pro-bono work for distinguished leaders in integrative medicine.  He was drawn to the field for the same reason so many others are: Integrative medicine has solutions for health questions that conventional medicine can’t answer or won’t hear.  Tom is happy to be serving on the Advisory Council of International Integrators and working with others who also value an integrative approach to health and healing.