David Gunzenhauser

David Gunzenhauser was born in Laureldale, New Jersey, a small town without stoplights, stores, or even a police department. A late bloomer to post-secondary education, David now has two overlapping degrees in Computer Science, a degree in English, and a Masters of Education.

Once finding his niche, David’s career included sixteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, with his last role in Basel, Switzerland as Global Program Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions of Novartis, leading the company´s efforts in IT.

During this work, he started to shift how he looked at food, health and medicine. He moved to a plant-based diet in 2013 when he realized that it was time for a change. In 2016, David moved to Mallorca, Spain, with the idea of creating something different—a plant-based (vegan) bakery. “The bakery was always about building community, friendships and a place where the delicious food would be secondary to beautiful conversations.”

David joined International Integrators as a Facilitator to be part of a movement that helps others and himself build connections among mind, body and spirit. He believes the work of International Integrators is making a difference in our ever-changing world, helping us overcome health issues and explore how we can coexist as humans and live in harmony with nature and ourselves.

Today, David lives in Inca, Mallorca where he shares his time with his partner, Sandy, her son, his dog Reina, and six cats, Teaspoon, Yoko Dos, Suki Umi, Muffin, Suitcase and Mr. Fuji.