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source site focuses on the whole individual and combines the best in Conventional Medicine with Food, Movement and Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines, which include complementary, alternative and traditional therapies. Each of us is the central member of our Integrative Health team. We cultivate consciousness of the Inner Healer and the themes of “balance” and “imbalance” to guide the healing process. In doing so, we embrace and assimilate self-care practices and therapies offered by practitioners on our Integrative Health team.
integrative health


A predominantly whole food, plant-based lifestyle is good for our individual health, for the health of the Earth, for animal welfare and for alleviating world hunger.


Our bodies hold powerful wisdom and intelligence — from the precise communication of our nervous systems to the power of our muscles. Daily, conscious movement of our bodies helps us connect to that power within us.



Developing the connection between mind, body and spirit connects us to powerful energies and systems of healing. Disciplines from ancient and modern practices offer ways of caring for ourselves and caring for others.


Scientific discoveries of causes and treatments of infections, of anesthesia and surgical techniques, and of diagnostic tools changed the course of human life with regard to many acute illnesses, and are an essential part of an integrative approach to health.