What do past participants in Living Whole Ávila have to say about their experience?

“If you want to understand yourself more deeply and how you relate to others, this is a tremendous opportunity to expand your perspective in beautiful Ávila with like-minded travelers. Go for it, you will be richly rewarded! ”

Nancy CoppelmanCo-Director of Outreach for the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

“Living Whole Ávila was more than a just a glimpse of life’s possibilities – it was and continues to be a well-defined path. If you are looking for a transformative, life-affirming experience, surrounded by like-minded seekers, supported by wonderful facilitators, Living Whole Ávila is a beautiful place to begin. By the way, the retreat works equally well for couples as for individuals.”

Jon CoppelmanRisk management consultant based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, specializing in workers compensation

“I very much enjoyed joining the Living Whole retreat in Ávila last June. I particularly enjoyed the focus on nutrition and energy, as well as the balance between group sessions and individual sessions. The personalized care and attention from facilitators to each individual was something I very much valued. The kindness and positive energy that stemmed from both facilitators and participants created a climate of trust and openness that helped foster some real transformational change on my end.
It’s been several years now that I have been exploring different routes to increasing health and well-being, including yoga, meditation and cognitive therapies. Yet, I have been a smoker for the past 25 years, and had never really come to grips with this bad habit. The holistic Living Whole approach, combined with highly personalized sessions with Kathryn and the team, has been a real catalyst to me, as it helped me understand some of the inner beliefs behind this behavior, and helped me make the decision to let go of those beliefs. I am proud to share that it’s now been two months since I quit smoking! I can’t thank you enough for that!”

Sabine FabbricatoreLeadership Development Consultant and Life Wanderer, based in Paris, France

“Living Whole Ávila was a life-changing, transformative experience of both the deepest and highest order. It offered me an opportunity to address some life-long nagging, limiting beliefs and was a catalyst for accelerated intention and growth. An unexpected joy was the deep connection, fueled by recognition of the similarities of our sovereign journeys, to many amazing, loving, fascinating people. I am deeply grateful for the experience and look forward to returning sooner rather than later...”

Ryan ZaklinMD, MA, board certified Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician practicing in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. www.RyanZaklinMD.com

“It’s now three months since I left Living Whole Ávila 2017 and I can still feel the warmth and camaraderie of those who experienced the magic of this program with me. The Living Whole Immersion Retreat is just as it states, a retreat that joins the mind/body/spirit; where the quality of the lectures, the movement and spiritual sessions taking place in beautiful surroundings with offerings of perfectly crafted plant-based meals makes this a one-of-a-kind experience. Here you are able to reach your inner self, the real self, and reconnect. Each day the Posada greets you with swaying cypress towering over the mountainside, warm sun, and the scent of heather as the International Integrators facilitators welcome you.
If you have one opportunity this year to re-engage, this is the place.”

Susan E. DeRosaMS CMHC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor in a Psychiatric Clinical Practice and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Connecticut, USA

“Living Whole Ávila was more than just a retreat for me. It was a powerful immersive program where I was able to reset and refresh my mind, body, spirit, and self through deep discoveries with surprising breakthroughs facilitated by a talented group of holistic professionals along with the support of fellow participants. Everyone was so open, kind and generous with each other that we all quickly bonded like family members at a reunion. And it didn’t hurt that we were in the Spanish Sierra with gorgeous weather and surroundings. Oh, and the food was to die for!!!”

Julie PhamActress, IT software specialist and marathon runner, New York, New York, USA

“Nice experience with loving people. Excellent and tasty food. Immersion in fun sound baths. Beautiful surroundings. Different approaches to medicine and physical and mental health. Made with love.”

Toni Real FloritReiki Master, angel worker, translator-interpreter, Mallorca, Spain.

“An entire week of intentional whole living in the beautiful surroundings of the mountains in Spain coupled with the love and support of the faculty and attendees allows one to heal in whatever way is needed at that time. The programming was the right pace and I especially enjoyed learning about Odyssey Family Systems.”

Julie KatseresDNP, certified pediatric and family nurse practitioner, certified aromatherapy practitioner, reiki master. Current practice Minneapolis VA Health Care System in the area of Palliative Care. Minnesota, USA

“I simply loved Spain and the city of Avila in which I spent a few days before the retreat began. The retreat was valuable because it offered a broad exposure to healing opportunities. The location was marvelous; a small village nestled in a pastoral setting that offered a tranquil environment for contemplation. The food was a plant-based vegetarian diet, and we were given the opportunity to learn how to make many of the meals from creative, skilled, local, fun-loving chefs. The day was filled with facilitators leading reflective experiences, both in group and individual sessions. Movement therapy was part of the daily routine with unique 'sound therapy’ sessions in the evening that enhanced my meditation and helped me to rebalance my energy. On many levels the retreat was an enriching experience that I would encourage anyone to consider.”

Carolyn TorkelsonMD, MS, Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota and Medical Director of Integrative Health at Women’s Health Specialists. Dr. Torkelson is active in clinical research and has authored a number of papers on herbal and nutritional interventions. With Bill Manahan she co-chairs the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group.