• Improve your relationships with yourself, family members, friends, work colleagues and others.
  • Explore how to integrate your conventional medical care with a wide range of mind/body/spirit disciplines
  • Learn how to nourish yourself in a way that improves your health through a whole food, plant-based eating lifestyle.
  • Experience new movement practices that help you be healthier and feel better.



  • to explore who you really are, where you’re getting stuck, and how to care for yourself.
  • to expand yourself through self-care, energy medicine, food, movement, mindfulness, meditation, music, art, laughter, and what we all love best—sharing our stories with one another.
  • to cut, season, stir, taste, sauté, bake, chop, laugh, dance and cook with fellow participants in the kitchen world of whole-food, plant-based deliciousness.
  • to be immersed in a five-day community experience in a natural sanctuary, and make long-term connections that will continue once you return home.
  • to connect with people who want what you want—to develop a self-care practice that brings peace, balance and vitality to your life—to engage in Living Whole.

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Private Living Whole Immersion For Your Group, Company or Institution

Each retreat is varied in content and tailored to the specific needs and interests of the participants.

Previous Living Whole Immersions


What do past participants in Living Whole Ávila have to say about their experience?

“Living Whole Ávila was more than a just a glimpse of life’s possibilities – it was and continues to be a well-defined path. If you are looking for a transformative, life-affirming experience, surrounded by like-minded seekers, supported by wonderful facilitators, Living Whole Ávila is a beautiful place to begin. By the way, the retreat works equally well for couples as for individuals.”

Jon CoppelmanRisk management consultant based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, specializing in workers compensation

““I very much enjoyed joining the Living Whole retreat in Ávila last June. I particularly enjoyed the focus on nutrition and energy, as well as the balance between group sessions and individual sessions. The personalized care and attention from facilitators to each individual was something I very much valued. The kindness and positive energy that stemmed from both facilitators and participants created a climate of trust and openness that helped foster some real transformational change on my end.
It’s been several years now that I have been exploring different routes to increasing health and well-being, including yoga, meditation and cognitive therapies. Yet, I have been a smoker for the past 25 years, and had never really come to grips with this bad habit. The holistic Living Whole approach, combined with highly personalized sessions with Kathryn and the team, has been a real catalyst to me, as it helped me understand some of the inner beliefs behind this behavior, and helped me make the decision to let go of those beliefs. I am proud to share that it’s now been two months since I quit smoking! I can’t thank you enough for that!””

Sabine FabbricatoreLeadership Development Consultant and Life Wanderer, based in Paris, France

““Living Whole Ávila was a life-changing, transformative experience of both the deepest and highest order. It offered me an opportunity to address some life-long nagging, limiting beliefs and was a catalyst for accelerated intention and growth. An unexpected joy was the deep connection, fueled by recognition of the similarities of our sovereign journeys, to many amazing, loving, fascinating people. I am deeply grateful for the experience and look forward to returning sooner rather than later...””

Ryan ZaklinMD, MA, board certified Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine physician practicing in Salem, Massachusetts, USA.