4 COS4S The Home Project: Boys Hiking Weekend!

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see By David C. Read and Tom Courl Boys weekend and vegan/plant based? – No Problem! This past spring, a friend had a milestone birthday and the usual group of seven long-time friends got together to plan something – like we do for all our big birthdays. For Tom’s 60th birthday we rented a log cabin in the Berkshires near the…

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Traveling While Maintaining a Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle

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binary options extreme By David L. Thomas, Jr. Kathryn and I are away from home for many months of every year. At home we control our diet and thrive on whole-food, plant based meals. And in our community, we have talked about our dietary preferences with friends, family and neighbors, and also thrive based on the accommodations we have reached. Our primary challenges…

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Pre-GMO Mallorcan Traditional Wheat Flour and Easy Gluten-Free Breads

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http://dkocina.com/smalvic/404-etc-styles.css By David L. Thomas, Jr., JD and Kathryn Hayward, MD The health food store in the small city of Inca is just a few minutes´ walk from our home on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Known in the Mallorquín dialect of Catalán as “S’Herboristeria”, and in Spanish as “El Herbolario”, it is the source of many of our grains and…

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Our Five-Year Anniversary: How International Integrators emerged from a London conference and the Boston Marathon terrorist attack

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mujeres solteras en herndon By David L. Thomas, Jr., JD and Kathryn Hayward, MD Five years ago, on the eve of the Boston Marathon bombing, we went to London so that Kathryn and Kristy King, then a medical student, could showcase a program they had led which provided a five-day immersion in integrative medicine for North American medical students.  They were presenting at the…

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The Year of the Dog: Nourishment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Living Whole

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signs you're dating someone dangerous by Ursula Peer, La Lemonista Hi everybody, I am back and very happy to share some inspiration for the Earth Dog Year 2018, which started about a month ago. What does Chinese New Year have to do with a healthy lifestyle and wholesome diet? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), having an incredibly holistic view of life, incorporates ancient wisdom about Chinese…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Living Whole

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Best stock trading training qld By Ursula Peer, La Lemonista I am the newest member of the International Integrators team of Facilitators and am very happy to share some of my food and health experience with you here today. I am a passionate believer in the healing powers of food, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) nutritionist, herbalist, detox chef and stirrer in the best sense of the word. When…

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Is Your Smart Phone Giving You CTSD?

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watch By Kathryn Hayward, MD Do you recall the moment when you first opened your eyes this morning? Do you remember how you felt? Do you know how much time elapsed between waking up and when you first looked at whatever device connects you to the internet? Do you recall how you felt five minutes later? Before you read further, cocoon…

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Healing America Together

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formas de coquetear con un hombre By Kathryn Hayward MD I had the privilege of being part of the PlantPure Nation film of 2015, and am eager to share the newest project being manifested by the film’s director, Nelson Campbell, his father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell (research scientist and author of The China Study), and the PlantPure Team. Here, in Nelson’s words, is a 4-minute video…

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Your Integrative Toolkit for Cold Care

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http://joetom.org/masljana/4032 By Kathryn Hayward, MD This abbreviated version of an earlier blog post is being repeated by popular demand, in honor of the cold and flu season. You may read the original version, published in February 2015, by clicking here. In my over 30 years of medical practice, I have observed that measures to thin mucous, like the over-the-counter medication guaifenesin,…

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