Jonathan Plotkin, Artist, Cartoonist, Chief Imagination Officer and Business Consultant: Podcast with Kathryn Hayward, MD

Do you have a cartoon that touched your heart and your funny bone so perfectly that you just had to post it so you could be re-inspired by it every day?

Jonathan Plotkin is a nationally published editorial cartoonist and illustrator who loves collaboration.

My view of the world has always been one of connectivity and that no one single part of anything is the whole story. It’s the relationships of the parts that comprise the whole that make things much broader, much richer and more vibrant.

Jonathan is also a real estate developer. He says that the people involved in Living Whole Online are humanistic developers.

Jonathan is Chief Imagination Officer of The Spontoonist and Co-Founder and Strategic Business Manager of The Drawing Board, which brings the creativity of New Yorker cartoonists to businesses to help them with innovation and strategic thinking. He is a standing member of the National Cartoonists Society and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. His art can be found on the pages of the Chicago Tribune, American Bystander and other national print and online publications.

Jonathan and his musician son, Noah Plotkin, who is also a Facilitator in Living Whole Online, collaborate together in Quick Draw Animations which combine Noah’s music with Jonathan’s animations, and Storytime Theatre, a form of performance art bringing together memoir reading with steel drum beats.

“Memoir writing is an interesting experience that can lead to a broader understanding and a healing process.”

Jonathan Plotkin