Have you ever wished that your doctor, nurse and other health care practitioners had a better bedside manner?

For decades, Adam Rindfleisch, MD and Bill Manahan, MD have been physicians in the conventional medicine system, caring for patients, teaching medical students and running residency programs. At the same time, they were expanding their appreciation for Whole Health, a perspective that supports health and healing by including, in addition to conventional medicine, food, movement and mind/body/spirit disciplines. Along with Kathryn Hayward, MD, they are co-founders of International Integrators and Living Whole, and have devoted decades of their lives to educating and training others to appreciate a more holistic way of living.

I think Living Whole Online is coming in at a perfect time. I think that the whole world, that everything we’re doing, is changing dramatically.

Bill Manahan, MD

In this podcast, Bill, Adam and Kathryn discuss themes of health, healing, the pandemic, and the future of health care that ask and answer many of your questions.

With the pandemic, we’re realizing that so many workers can work from home. Part of education can happen at home.

My idea is that we need more health coaching, and Living Whole Online is the perfect metaphor for what health coaching can be, because health coaching at its essence is looking at our mental, spiritual, social and ecological health.

That’s the kind of programming that Living Whole Online offers. I see it as a universal health coach, because education of who we are as people and being able to make individual choices is key.

The next step would be that people who want it would have access to a health coach in person through the program.

This helps all these people attain a better level of health than they could do on their own.

I think a lot of people want to take charge of their health and be more healthy themselves.

Bill Manahan, MD

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