Stephen E. Hays and Kathryn Hayward have known one another for 50 years. Steve was one of Kathryn’s earliest mentors, modeling how to transform her observations and insights about human behavior into educational experiences that inspire people to take action and enhance their health.

As a young teenager in the 1960’s, Kathryn met Steve at a church which was going through a painful period, a transition that reflected cultural movements including demonstrations and violence related to the American involvement in the Vietnam War, Civil Rights and Black Power, Women’s Liberation and Gay Rights.

Steve’s response to easing the unrest within the church’s congregation was to bring people together through composing poignant songs which were performed by church members in annual theatre productions called Baker’s Dozen.

Living Whole Online is fortunate to have Steve contributing a few of those songs, along with his humorous and insightful explanations of their origins.

In 1987, Steve founded The Drama Studio, an institution where youth can study theatre as seriously as they can study music. Steve’s observation about theatre education in America:

There really is no (theatre) training for children in this country. It’s shocking. Schools say that they have a theatre program, but what they do is put on plays. They don’t really train kids to take risks, to learn how to get up on their feet and improvise, be in the moment…these are all skills that are very helpful in any profession.

Steve’s daughter Amelia Hays-Rivest is now the director of The Drama Studio, and you can watch a forthcoming podcast with Amelia, Steve and Kathryn. We also plan to collaborate with them to offer online drama experiences through Living Whole Online in the coming months.

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Kathryn Hayward, David Thomas, David Gunzenhauser

and the International Integrators Team