María Laura Chacón Roldán

María Laura Chacón Roldán, MD lives in Costa Rica and is a graduate of the Facultad de Medicina of the Universidad de Costa Rica. During her internship year, she spent two months in Boston, Massachusetts doing rotations at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital, an experience that significantly affected her worldview and her approach to the practice of medicine.  She has worked in different environments, including primary care clinics and clinics in indigenous communities, two things that have become a passion for her. She spent 2013 in the southern part of Costa Rica, in the town of San Vito, working closely with the Ngobe indigenous community and learning about traditional health practices. Since 2014, she has worked with Doctors Without Borders (Médicins sans Frontières) on missions in South Sudan, Cameroon, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syria. All these experiences have influenced her to seek a more integrative way to practice medicine. She has great interest in healthful nutrition and its healing power. She plans to continue working with Doctors Without Borders while pursuing further graduate studies in global medicine and public health, and hopes to contribute to integrative medicine and self-care in Costa Rica in collaboration with International Integrators.