Nita Gage

Nita Gage

Dr. Nita Gage has been teaching and facilitating shamanic and transformational retreats, classes and seminars in the US and Europe since 2001. She has a doctorate degree in shamanic psychospiritual psychology; a master’s in clinical psychology; is an internationally certified substance abuse counselor; and a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ facilitator. Nita co-founded the NeuroImaginal™ Institute, and is the Director of Healer Within Retreats in Molokai, Hawaii, and Chair of the Healer Within Retreats Committee of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.

Nita is the author of The Women in Storage Club, and How to Reimagine Your Life and has a new book coming out soon, Soul Whispering: The Art of Shamanic Energy Medicine. She also is a teacher for the Hoffman Institute.

Nita has worked extensively in hospital and medical settings and understands the unique stress and joys of medical professionals. She was Executive Director of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and later of the Consortium for Integrative Medicine working with integrative physicians and practitioners nationally on policy, program design and public relations.

She trained originally with R.D. Laing and his associates at the Philadelphia Association from 1974-1980.  She left London and returned to America in 1980 and pursued post-graduate education in psychology and psycho spiritual studies.

Nita has become involved with International Integrators because the organization’s mission resonates with her experience and reflects her passion for healing and transformative retreats.

"Being at a major crossroads in my life, I looked forward to attending the Healer Within Retreat for several months. Upon arriving and joining hands with everyone in the opening circle, I immediately felt I had entered another dimension. This atmosphere allowed me to take a major holistic step within myself. This was a real oasis experience; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The complete package! The food, the resort, the staff, the participants, and the leaders Nita and Bill, all came together with incredible synergy with compassion, making this a momentous experience. With Nita and Bill leading next year’s retreat, the participants are in for a life-changing week!"

“My husband and I attended this retreat at Molokai. It has transformed our life and up-lifted our spiritual standing. My dear medical colleagues, please do not miss this truly healing within – with great leadership, transformational healing activities, beautiful island, delicious healthy food. Physician – heal thyself first so you can take care of others who need you."