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Whole Health: What Do People Live For? Lessons Learned from Teaching VA Clinicians about Wellness

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By Adam Rindfleisch, M.D. In the past year, the Veterans Administration (VA) has been receiving a fair amount of negative press.  It is tough to work in the VA right now. Morale is pretty low.  And it is always challenging to be a Veteran – Veterans are one of the groups most in need of support of their health needs. …

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Journeys with a Shaman

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By Adam Rindfleisch, MD If they don’t take time to explore, people passing through my old stomping grounds in southeastern Idaho might not fully grasp the beauty of the Lost River Valley. The Rocky Mountains rise straight up from the high sagebrush desert and the lava flows.  There are countless places to explore.  In fact, mountains are so numerous and…

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