In Good Company: Living Whole Immersions and Transformation

By Kathryn Hayward, MD

What causes us to make personal change, to engage in transformation? During much of our lives, we simply put one foot in front of the other, repeating again and again the same patterns in our relationships, clinging to the same beliefs and replaying the same thoughts in our heads. Along the way, however, opportunities for growing in awareness, in consciousness, present themselves. We either seize them or we let them pass. How can we get better at recognizing these opportunities and bringing ourselves to act on them?

I like to think of these opportunities as synchronicities, those little and big things that come to us, often unbidden, opening up possibilities if we act on them. Have you ever noticed something that seemed like «just a coincidence»? Did you dismiss it? Did you follow it to see where it led you?

In March, International Integrators offered an immersion retreat in the redwood forest of California, where 35 participants and facilitators came together for a 5-day transformative experience.

One participant’s description of her transformation is captured in this minute-long video:


Action is required for transformation in consciousness. We notice something synchronous and then, motivated by our desire to do things differently, we act, consciously freeing ourselves from repeating old patterns.

Join us for our next Living Whole immersion, June 12-17, 2016 in Ávila, Spain, just northwest of Madrid. Find out more and register here.

Kathryn Hayward is a co-founder of International Integrators.  Kathryn practiced conventional medicine in Boston for 30 years and opened her Integrative Health practice, Odyssey Journey, over ten years ago. She currently lives in Mallorca, Spain and appears in the new motion picture by the producers of Forks Over Knives, called PlantPure NationKathryn will be a facilitator at Living Whole, the next immersion retreat in June, 2016 in the Sierra de Serrota in Ávila, Spain.

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