Journeys with a Shaman

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By Adam Rindfleisch, MD If they don’t take time to explore, people passing through my old stomping grounds in southeastern Idaho might not fully grasp the beauty of the Lost River Valley. The Rocky Mountains rise straight up from the high sagebrush desert and the lava flows.  There are countless places to explore.  In fact, mountains are so numerous and…

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Integrative Health: Working Together (A Doctor’s Journey)

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By Kathryn Hayward, MD  co-founder of International Integrators  The image that life’s journey involves a flowing river appeals to me. We start upstream and travel downstream, encountering crystal clear calm pools, gentle and placid currents, warm eddies, whitewater rapids,waterfalls, ice, boulders, fallen trees, muck, rusty cans, old tires, and pollution. We greet some creatures, and dodge others: fish, amphibians, insects,…

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