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Reaction to Action, Part 2: #HowIWillChange

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The Reaction to Action series invites us to take an honest look at judgment. When we judge another, we separate from that person. When we judge ourselves, we separate from ourselves. Judgment creates power imbalances, which fuel sexism, racism, and so many of the world’s ills. Our personal health and the health of our world depend upon our meeting the…

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Reaction and Action, Part 1: #MeToo

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Two social media trends, #MeToo and #HowIWillChange, have gone viral. How can their effects create lasting change? Our three-part blog series, Reaction and Action, explores how Integrative Health contributes to sustained personal and cultural transformation. In Part 1 and Part 2 of the series, we examine the context and importance of the #MeToo and the #HowIWillChange phenomena. In Part 3,…

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Better Late than Never: Transitioning to a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

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By Nancy Coppelman Seventeen years ago, I had the good fortune to fall into Kathryn Hayward’s hands. My gynecologist recommended her, thinking we would get along nicely. In retrospect, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, initially a fairly conventional one of doctor and patient. It was evident from the beginning that Kathryn was a truly caring professional with…

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Romania: Post-Communism and an Appetite for Integrative Health

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By Kathryn Hayward, MD and David L. Thomas, Jr. “Those who grew up in the communist era have a strength of character that I find to be very impressive.” The gaze of Farid Alipour was intense as he described his experience in Romania over the past few months. “They had to endure so much during the communist regime. They suffered…

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4 COS4S The Home Project: Smoothies, Part 2

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By Nina Gheihman and David L. Thomas, Jr. Last week we remembered our brunch with International Integrators Advisory Council member David Read and his family and Facilitator Hadley Johnson during a visit to Boston. This occasion permitted Nina and Hadley to share the two smoothie recipes included in our most recent post as well as the following one contributed by…

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The Hero Within

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By Kathryn Hayward, MD A few years ago, I was facilitating a group of medical students in a self-reflection exercise. After sharing, listening, weeping and hugging, we stood in a circle and pressed the palms of our hands together and brought them to our hearts. I looked deeply into the eyes of each student in the circle and said, “Namaste….

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