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Better Late than Never: Transitioning to a Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

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By Nancy Coppelman Seventeen years ago, I had the good fortune to fall into Kathryn Hayward’s hands. My gynecologist recommended her, thinking we would get along nicely. In retrospect, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, initially a fairly conventional one of doctor and patient. It was evident from the beginning that Kathryn was a truly caring professional with…

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4 COS4S The Home Project: Marbled Chocoholic Banana Bread

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By Nina Gheihman Nothing quite compares to the smell of bread baking in the oven, especially banana bread! This version is for the chocoholics out there who crave the satisfying texture and flavor of banana bread without the usual sugar, eggs and other unnecessary ingredients. Without these, the bananas truly shine through, and so will your health. Marbled Chocoholic Banana…

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4 COS4S The Home Project: Smoothies, Part 2

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By Nina Gheihman and David L. Thomas, Jr. Last week we remembered our brunch with International Integrators Advisory Council member David Read and his family and Facilitator Hadley Johnson during a visit to Boston. This occasion permitted Nina and Hadley to share the two smoothie recipes included in our most recent post as well as the following one contributed by…

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The Hero Within

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By Kathryn Hayward, MD A few years ago, I was facilitating a group of medical students in a self-reflection exercise. After sharing, listening, weeping and hugging, we stood in a circle and pressed the palms of our hands together and brought them to our hearts. I looked deeply into the eyes of each student in the circle and said, “Namaste….

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Mediterraneans, Their Diet and the WHO Findings on Meat

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By Kathryn Hayward, M.D. I live on the island of Mallorca, a Spanish island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. People here regard themselves as the Chosen Ones when it comes to diet. After all, numerous scientific studies or at least their press accounts have told the whole world that the Mediterranean diet is the winner. For those living…

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Looking Good on the Outside but in Trouble on the Inside – Part 2

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The second of two essays about my journey into consciousness and action – by Tom Courl Read the first essay. Things haven’t been the same since a stress test at age 55 showed an arterial blockage and that I was at risk of having a heart attack. After getting the bad report, I could no longer cling to the story…

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