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The Year of the Dog: Nourishment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Living Whole

By | David L. Thomas, detoxmallorca, Integrative Health, Kathryn Hayward MD, Living Whole, plant based diet, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ursula Peer

by Ursula Peer, La Lemonista Hi everybody, I am back and very happy to share some inspiration for the Earth Dog Year 2018, which started about a month ago. What does Chinese New Year have to do with a healthy lifestyle and wholesome diet? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), having an incredibly holistic view of life, incorporates ancient wisdom about Chinese…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Living Whole

By | detoxmallorca, Living Whole, plant based diet, TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ursula Peer

By Ursula Peer, La Lemonista I am the newest member of the International Integrators team of Facilitators and am very happy to share some of my food and health experience with you here today. I am a passionate believer in the healing powers of food, and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) nutritionist, herbalist, detox chef and stirrer in the best sense of the word. When…

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Is Your Smart Phone Giving You CTSD?

By | CTSD, Integrative Health, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Kathryn Hayward MD, PTSD, Smart Phone, stress

By Kathryn Hayward, MD Do you recall the moment when you first opened your eyes this morning? Do you remember how you felt? Do you know how much time elapsed between waking up and when you first looked at whatever device connects you to the internet? Do you recall how you felt five minutes later? Before you read further, cocoon…

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Healing America Together

By | Kathryn Hayward MD, lifestyle change, plant based diet, PlantPure, PlantPure Nation, T. Colin Campbell, the china study, vegan

By Kathryn Hayward MD I had the privilege of being part of the PlantPure Nation film of 2015, and am eager to share the newest project being manifested by the film’s director, Nelson Campbell, his father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell (research scientist and author of The China Study), and the PlantPure Team. Here, in Nelson’s words, is a 4-minute video…

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Your Integrative Toolkit for Cold Care

By | Cold care, Cold virus, Guaifenesin, Integrative Health, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Kathryn Hayward MD, Virus care

By Kathryn Hayward, MD This abbreviated version of an earlier blog post is being repeated by popular demand, in honor of the cold and flu season. You may read the original version, published in February 2015, by clicking here. In my over 30 years of medical practice, I have observed that measures to thin mucous, like the over-the-counter medication guaifenesin,…

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Living Whole Ávila Spain, June 2018

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Take advantage of Early Bird registration fees until January 15 By Bill Manahan, MD and Kathryn Hayward, MD As the year is winding down and we reflect back on the public discourse of 2017, we see there is much to improve upon. How can we listen better to one another and enhance our public and private interactions? In our Living…

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Reaction To Action, #SameDifferenceProject 2018: The Year of Understanding

By | #HowIWillChange, #MeToo, #SameDifferenceProject, David C. Read, David L. Thomas, Generous and Reflective Listening, Generous Listening, Integrative Health, Kathryn Hayward MD, Sarabeth Rees

The Reaction to Action series invites us to take an honest look at judgment, and mitigating it through Generous and Reflective Listening. When we judge another, we separate from that person. When we judge ourselves, we separate from ourselves. Judgment creates power imbalances, which fuel poor self-esteem, worry, fear, pain, misunderstandings, estrangements, mistrust, sexism, racism, bullying and so many of the world’s ills. Our…

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By | Integrative Health, Kathryn Hayward MD, plant based diet, Sin categoría, vegan

By Kathryn Hayward and Stephanie Read Thanks to the enthusiasm and web savviness of some members of International Integrators, we have been dipping our toes in the waters of social media. Guided by Facilitators Sofía Ruiz-Blake (Switzerland), Gabriela Ruiz-Blake (Spain) and María Laura Chacón Roldán (Syria), our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter presence has been increasing slowly but surely. In July,…

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Medical News: What Can You Believe? Part 1: Raising Blood Pressure

By | Sin categoría

In our series, “Medical News: What Can You Believe?”, Dr. Kathryn Hayward and Dr. Bill Manahan explore the whirlwind of news reports that tell us to do things for our health. Many reports point people in the direction of taking medications, which raises red flags like economic incentives and medication side effects. Some people wonder, “What can I do to…

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